The Boone County Arts Council was established in 1987 by the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce and func-tions as an all volunteer organization. Its office is inside the Baltic Mill, Belvidere Park, 920 W Lincoln Ave, Bel-videre.

The mission of the Boone County Arts Council is to en-hance the quality of life for people throughout Boone County by promoting the endowment, development, and enjoyment of the arts.

BCAC has developed and participated in many programs designed to enrich the life of Boone County residents including Sunday Concerts in the Park, a children’s thea-ter workshop, county-wide student art shows, special art experiences for fifth-grade students, sponsored trips to cultural events, funded the purchase of sculptures and published a sculpture survey, sponsored both the creation and restoration of several murals, and worked in close partnership with various county organizations and businesses.

You can find out more in 'A Guide to Public Art in Boone County'.

Board Members

Sherry Lindquist, President
Jan July, Vice President
Jean Twyning, Secretary
Karen Shifo, Treasurer
Bonnie Bartell, Membership
Jay Allen
Donna Denning
Gary Simon
Gary Tate
Maria Werchowec
Troy Yunk
Sheri Casey
Lee Ladenburger
Barbara Volk
Jerome Jones
John McMorrow
Lauren Hart
Michael Hart
Jeni LoDolce
The programs of the Boone County Arts Council are partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency | © Copyright Boone County Arts 2015 | All Rights Reserved.